Music Producing 101 (Free Zoom Lessons!)

*Updated 1/20/2023: Currently running a sale on our Mac Mini with Music Producing 101 Curriculum, usually priced at $299 for our Mac Mini with Music Producing 101 curriculum and software, now priced at $199.

Hi guys, its Justin from Peace of Mind Music Lessons. As you may already know, during the pandemic everything have shifted a lot towards online learning and we lost our small teaching staff leaving only me but I still wanted to offer our services as much as I can. Attached are 4 handouts of a free curriculum I designed to teach basic music theory to anyone who is interested in learning how to create full songs at home. All you need to do is download GarageBand or a similar free DAW on your smartphone or computer and follow the 4 handouts with matching short videos.

Class 1: Intro to MIDI Keyboard

Class 2: Making a Drumbeat

Class 3: Bass, Chords & Melodies

Class 4: Structuring & Mixing your song

You can find the playlist of short matching videos on our Peace of Mind Music Lessons Youtube page (

If you find the handouts and videos helpful and have any questions feel free to e-mail me for a free Zoom Music to answer any questions you may have or that are not covered in the videos. Have fun!


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