Peace of Mind Music Lessons was started in 2009 by Justin Ashouri. Justin’s goal in mind was always to teach music in a way that it could be applicable. Meaning that it is taught in a way whether virtually or in person that can be applied immediately (playing or singing one of your favorite songs, writing your own song, creating a basic melody to a set of chords without guessing, etc).

During the 2020 Covid Lockdown we took this mission even more seriously and went to work putting together a new curriculum matched with refurbished and renewed Apple products to give students a positive experience during this new and dark time. With the help of the community in purchasing customized recording bundles from our sister company, LA Music Exchange, we are able to provide these new programs to students and schools at the same or lower cost of all of their other extra curricular activities. With your help we hope to make this not only a free but required international program so children all around the world have access to equal education.


Justin Ashouri