Peace of Mind Music Lessons was started in 2009 by Justin Ashouri. Justin’s goal in mind was always to teach music in a way that it could be applicable meaning that the moment it is taught it could be put in a perspective that is can be applied immediately. Upon building a career as a music teacher he develops a community of like-minded people teachers and music lovers that now with the technology of today, extends all over the world. Something that started out as just an idea has now extended into a company with multiple teachers and multiple different curriculums for multiple different instruments.

In 2012, Justin teamed up with fellow musician and music teacher Kevin Kulow, A trusted friend and colleague. Together they oversee the company, build curriculums and try to find what student is best suited for what teacher.

Here at Peace of Mind Music Lessons we could teach you to play along with your favorite song or write your own song. We have a team of very gifted and patient teachers that are well qualified to teach the following music programs:

Peace of Mind Music Lessons employs gifted and patient teachers committed to performing at the top level of the industry. With a young group of over 10 teachers and staff,  with [over] a century of collective music teaching experience, you are assured to receive an informative as well as innovative music instruction experience!


Justin Ashouri