Computers for Kids (Update):

Hi everybody! This is an update on the Computers for Kids Program! So I have been SO busy building computers, I have been learning everything from OS, to DAWs and have built systems from Protools 5 all the way up until the current Protools 12 (check IG & FB for pics coming shortly!) and with many other DAWs in between as well! All the bundles will include virtual music lessons attached to them and we will launch some new programs including group ZOOM/home studio rock band classes and pod rock band class! Hopefully we can begin a more normal teaching environment again! This has been a lot of work, consuming a lot of time and money but I know things have changed for everyone and we are all in this together so hopefully we can resume music lessons soon and this all be worth it!

Old Music Software, Computer Parts & Audio Gear Wanted for our new ZOOM Music School!

Hi! My names Justin from Peace of Mind Music Lessons, before Covid-19 I had small recording studio and had a few recording bundles for projects we were starting with a few of my buddies. I had to close my recording studio since the beginning of Covid-19 and ended up putting together the bundles and selling them to a couple people here locally and kept one for myself to continue working on music and building a home zoom and recording studio.

When I was putting the bundles together it gave me an idea that if I start building/restoring computers I can provide a system for students that create a new school atmosphere during these uncertain times of Covid-19. I have been teaching online music lessons for over 10 years before the pandemic started and also have using/customizing and doing some repairs on Mac computers for years as well. I have accumulated over 10 years of experience, knowledge, and tools to provide a whole cloud of music handouts and curriculum to students so I decided to start building the systems for the students with the spare parts and hardware people have at home and then providing them to students to take part in an online music curriculum. I will also build some bundles to sell to the public to put the money aside outside of the parts to subsidize students who want to take lessons but can not afford weekly consistently lessons. Recording Bundles will be unique, specified, practical and have a purpose. I will start posting examples on our Instagram as well!

We are primarily looking for older Macs about a decade + old (2000-2010), and appropriate peripherals from the same decade (DVI/VGA Monitors, Older Ram, Video Cards & USB Devices, Older external or internal hard drives, and also music software, interfaces and speakers from the same era.

If you have any software, music equipment or computer parts you would consider donating to our music school I can credit you the sale value of your items towards music lessons vouchers for yourself, friends, family or neighbors. I am also willing to make whatever cash offer I am able to at the time if you are not interested in any music lessons as well!


LA Music Exchange

We are proud to announce we have opened an expansion to our music teaching business and are now a licensed dealer for most of your musical needs! Follow us @ LA Music Exchange on Instagram, Facebook, Google, Reverb or Yelp. Or message us for more information or any musical gear you need at a discount and even dealer cost as one of our students. Thank you for coming along for the journey!

Virtual Music Lessons!

Hello everyone! We are excited to be offering a new promotion on Virtual Music Lessons, buy 3 lessons and get your 4th free!

We offer our virtual sessions through a Skype Premium system that offers full HD 1080p video and 32 bit high definition audio.

All payments are exchanged through Paypal.

Email us regarding any questions or to schedule a meet and greet session.


Hello internet traveler and future music chieftain! Welcome to the launch of Peace of Mind Music Lessons. We pride ourselves on providing a simple and fun approach to music lessons in a one on one setting, group setting and via the internet.

We offer high quality music instruction in the Northern San Fernando Valley (Los angeles, California) and neighboring cities (Porter Ranch, Northridge, Granada Hills, Reseda, Simi Valley, Woodland Hills, Canoga Park, Tarzana and Encino) as well as through Skype messenger (internationally). Email support is available regarding any questions that inspire through our lessons so whether you are our neighbor or on the other side of the world we will not leave you with one unanswered question regarding our lessons!

We provide a complimentary meet and greet lesson, so what are you waiting for? Click our contact page and let’s get you playing!