Apple Recording & Movie Editing Bundles

Photo #1: Logic Express Recording Bundle
Photo #2: Protools Mini Recording Bundle
Photo #3: Mac Mini Recording & Movie Editing Bundles w Extras
Photo #4: Mac Pro Dual Screen Recording Bundle
Photo #5: Logic Pro Recording Bundle Complete w Extras
Photo #6: Protools Recording Bundle Complete w Extras

Hi, its Justin from Peace of Mind Music Lessons! The ZOOM music lesson program is finally here! I spent the last year meticulously working to refurbish these computers, and they are great! The bundles range from $600 for the mini bundles up to $1500 for the bigger bundles pictured but all bundles can be discounted if there are not specific pieces you need. We accept cash, credit card, Venmo, Paypal & can trade for other music gear as well!

I have personally gone through every one of these computers and I think you all will be very excited! We are also offering a new Groupon promotion for ZOOM music lessons where we can help you with learning all the beginning fundamentals of a DAW recording setup to more advanced tasks like creating & editing your own music and movies! For more information on a specific bundle send us a message and I will be happy to send you a more detailed list of specifications and more pictures!

Thank you guys for all your time and support!

Justin Ashouri
Peace of Mind Music Lessons
LA Music Exchange


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